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January 16, 2021
Do you prefer cake or pie?
Cake Pie
January 14, 2021
Do you think that 2021 will be a better year than the last?
Yes No
January 12, 2021
Which type of meeting do you prefer?
In Person Online
January 09, 2021
Would you rather have no school/work on a Friday or Monday?
Friday Monday
January 16, 2021
Which smoothie is better?
Strawberry Banana
January 07, 2021
Do you know how to solve a puzzle cube?
Yes No
January 05, 2021
Would you rather be a doctor or a veterinarian?
Doctor Vet
January 02, 2021
Have you ever lost a shoe?
Yes No
December 31, 2020
Which would you rather be?
Rock star Movie star
December 29, 2020
Do you have a clock in your room?
Yes No
January 01, 2021
What would you rather do in the snow?
Ski/Snowboard Snowball Fight
December 26, 2020
Do you know the first 5 digits of pi (after 3)?
Yes No
December 24, 2020
Do you check this channel multiple times a week?
Yes No
December 22, 2020
Which would you rather wear?
Cowboy hat Cowboy boots
December 19, 2020
Would you rather go to a dance party or a birthday party?
Dance party Birthday party
December 17, 2020
If you were in a bunk bed, which bed would you choose?
Upper Lower
December 15, 2020
Do you understand morse code?
I do Nope
December 12, 2020
Have you ever went bird watching?
Yes No
December 16, 2020
Do you like making Miis?
Yes No
December 10, 2020
Are you interested in any of the new next gen consoles?
Absolutely! No way!
December 08, 2020
How many Wii games do you have?
A lot Not a lot
December 05, 2020
Do you know how to beatbox?
I do What?
December 03, 2020
Do you eat macaroni and cheese with a fork or a spoon?
Fork Spoon
December 01, 2020
Do you check your emails often?
Yes No
December 01, 2020
Are you reading this on a Wii or a Wii U?
Wii Wii U
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