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February 01, 2023
When you have a missed call on your phone, what do you do?
Call the person back Wait, they'll call again
January 28, 2023
Are you crossing your legs right now?
Yes No
January 16, 2023
Thunderstorms are...
Exciting Scary
January 26, 2023
It's due to rain. You bring...
Umbrella Raincoat
January 24, 2023
Have you ever made a sock puppet?
Yes No
January 21, 2023
Do you turn your pillow over to find the cold side?
Yes No
January 19, 2023
Which type of pizza do you like the most?
Delivered Frozen
January 17, 2023
Are you able to ride a bicycle?
Yes No
January 14, 2023
Which is a better name for a dog?
Fido Spot
January 01, 2023
Do you read the newspaper every day?
Yes No
January 12, 2023
When you say "in a minute", what do you mean?
In 60 seconds When I'm ready
January 10, 2023
Have you ever called a tech support line?
Yes No
January 07, 2023
Do you gather information about movies, or do you prefer to avoid spoilers?
Gather information Avoid spoilers
January 05, 2023
Have you ever been to a live sporting event?
Yes No
January 03, 2023
There's only one piece of cake left. What do you do?
Eat it Give it to someone else
December 31, 2022
Getting stuck in traffic makes you...
Angry! Grr! Bored. Yawn.
December 29, 2022
What do you hate most in a thunderstorm?
Lightning Thunder
December 27, 2022
Do you own a dictionary?
Yes No
December 24, 2022
If your digital clock says that it's 12:34, how do you feel?
Happy Nothing special
December 22, 2022
When you wash your hands, you use the soap...
Before the water After
December 16, 2022
Do you wear shoes around the house?
Yes No
December 20, 2022
Which do you prefer, acoustic guitar or electric guitar?
Acoustic Electric
December 17, 2022
To me, soup is a...
Starter Main meal
December 15, 2022
When you cook, you...
Follow the recipe Wing it
December 13, 2022
Does listening to music help you concentrate?
Yes No
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