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October 02, 2021
Would you be interested in learning Japanese?
Yes No
October 01, 2021
Have you rode a bull before?
Yes No
September 30, 2021
If your car needs maintenance, would you...
Give it to a mechanic Fix it myself
September 28, 2021
What would you do when your hand is tired?
Take a rest Hold and squeeze
September 25, 2021
Would you rather go scuba diving or skydiving?
Scuba Diving Skydiving
September 23, 2021
Which snack do you prefer?
Crisps/Chips Cheese Puffs
September 21, 2021
Do you think role-playing games (RPGs) are fun or boring?
Fun Boring
September 18, 2021
What would you rather do?
Walk the Dog Grocery Shopping
September 16, 2021
What goes better with ice cream?
Cake Brownies
September 18, 2021
Do you think that double-dipping is gross?
Yes No
September 16, 2021
Would you rather camp in a...
Tent RV
September 14, 2021
Does your bedroom have carpet or hardwood flooring?
Carpet Hardwood
September 11, 2021
When needing to put an address on a package, do you...
Handwrite it Print label
September 09, 2021
Do you think that coloring is soothing?
Yes No
September 07, 2021
Do you like playing retro games?
Yes No
September 04, 2021
Which is worse?
Spiders Snakes
September 02, 2021
Do you prefer gummy bears or gummy worms?
Gummy Bears Gummy Worms
August 31, 2021
Do you check the time more often on your watch or your phone?
Watch Phone
September 01, 2021
Do you think anime is a form of cartoon?
Yes No
August 28, 2021
Where do you normally eat your dinner?
In my room At the table
August 26, 2021
Do you prefer buttery or sweet popcorn?
Buttery Sweet
August 24, 2021
Have you ever had a computer virus?
Yes No
August 21, 2021
Do you usually drink water with or without ice?
With ice Without ice
August 19, 2021
When you stay at a hotel, do you eat breakfast there?
Yes No
August 17, 2021
Which would you rather have in hot chocolate?
Marshmallows Whipped Cream
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