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March 01, 2023
Would you change an aspect of your body if you had the choice?
Yes No/Maybe
March 23, 2023
What did you learn to do first?
Cycle Swim
March 21, 2023
On your birthday which would you prefer?
A big party A big present
March 18, 2023
Which are you more afraid of?
Heights Enclosed spaces
March 14, 2023
Can you draw a good circle?
Yes No
March 16, 2023
Can you write with both hands?
Yes No
March 14, 2023
What do you think of aeroplane food?
Yummy! Crummy!
March 11, 2023
I'd rather watch a film...
Alone With friends
March 09, 2023
Can you play chess?
Yes No
March 07, 2023
Do you know your blood type?
Yes No
March 04, 2023
Which is more important to you?
Time Money
March 01, 2023
Do you grab the railing when you go up/down stairs?
Yes No
March 02, 2023
You see someone collapse! Do you know what to do?
Yes! Help is here! No! Call for help!
February 28, 2023
Which type of coffee do you prefer?
Instant Freshly ground
February 25, 2023
Do you live alone or with other people?
Alone With other people
February 23, 2023
Do you talk to people on trains?
Yes No
February 21, 2023
Do you have an "A" in your name?
Yes No
February 18, 2023
Can you do a handstand?
Yes No
February 14, 2023
What is at the centre of the solar system?
The Earth The Sun
February 16, 2023
Have you ever been swimming with dolphins?
Yes No
February 14, 2023
Can you use chopsticks?
Yes No
February 11, 2023
If you were an animal, which one would you prefer?
Elephant Lion
February 09, 2023
In the future, would you like to live abroad?
Yes No
February 07, 2023
Do you chew your pens?
Yes No
February 04, 2023
There's a power cut! What do you do?
Read a book Go out
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