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January 08, 2022
Did you get the Wii you're using right now new or used?
New Used
January 06, 2022
Have you ever lost an online game because your Internet disconnected?
Yes No
January 04, 2022
Which Wii game is better?
Wii Sports Wii Sports Resort
January 01, 2022
Is it currently cold where you live?
Yes No
January 01, 2022
Which side of a coin do you think you land on more?
Heads Tails
December 30, 2021
Do you stay up to watch the New Year's countdown?
Yes No
December 28, 2021
Has the year 2021 been better than the year 2020?
Yes No
December 23, 2021
If a dog chases you, would you be more likely to...
Hide from it Play with it
December 21, 2021
Do you still have a flip phone somewhere in your house?
Yes No
December 18, 2021
What would you do if you accidentally burnt your finger?
Suck on it Run it through water
December 16, 2021
Do you know of any celebrities you share your birthday with?
Yes No
December 14, 2021
Have you ever made/decorated a gingerbread house?
Yes No
December 16, 2021
Have you ever competed in a gaming contest?
Yes No
December 11, 2021
If you found someone's wallet dropped on the ground, would you try to return it?
Of course I'd leave it there
December 09, 2021
Have you ever made a house of cards?
Yes No
December 07, 2021
When it gets cold in your room, do you...
Turn on heater Put on blanket
December 04, 2021
Do you usually eat the crust on pizza?
Yes No
December 02, 2021
Has 2021 been a good year for you?
Yes No
December 01, 2021
Do you like to eat sushi?
Yes No
November 30, 2021
Is your birthday in the next 6 months?
Yes No
November 27, 2021
Do you have skills repairing electronics?
Yes No
November 25, 2021
What orange do you like better?
The color The fruit
November 23, 2021
Has your smoke detector ever gone off when cooking?
Yes No
November 20, 2021
What weather do you see more where you live?
Sunny Cloudy
November 18, 2021
Do you constantly check for app updates for your phone/computer apps?
Yes No
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