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April 01, 2020
What is your phone wallpaper set to?
A person/animal Something else
March 24, 2020
You're given the opportunity to go to college, would you rather go to one...
Close to home Far from home
March 21, 2020
Do you think aliens exist?
Yes, they are real. No way!
March 19, 2020
What cotton candy/candy floss tastes better?
Pink Blue
March 17, 2020
Have you ever recycled a piece of technology?
Yes No
March 14, 2020
Where would you prefer to have a picnic?
Mountain Park
March 12, 2020
How often do you use your smartphone?
Almost all day! Not all day.
March 16, 2020
Have you tried the revival of the Check Mii Out Channel yet?
Yes No
March 10, 2020
Do you still use DVD players?
Yes No
March 07, 2020
Would you rather have a...
Baseball Bat Baseball Glove
March 05, 2020
What type of notebook do you prefer?
Spiral Composition
March 03, 2020
Do you like to put whipped cream on pie?
Yes No
February 29, 2020
Is there anything interesting at the North Pole?
Yes No
March 01, 2020
What would you rather 3D print?
A toy A household item
February 27, 2020
Do you like the sound of vacuum cleaners?
Yes No
February 25, 2020
Would you rather live in outer space or underwater?
Outer Space Underwater
February 22, 2020
Which field of study do you think is more important?
Archeology Astronomy
February 16, 2020
Do you still use a VHS player?
Yes No
February 20, 2020
Do you think that energy drinks are good for you?
Yes No
February 18, 2020
Do you get motion sick easily?
Yes No
February 15, 2020
What do you prefer for a handheld gaming device?
Single screen Dual screen
February 13, 2020
Do you think you will use a fax machine this year?
Yes No
February 11, 2020
Do you ever read game manuals?
Yes No
February 08, 2020
Is your Wii using composite (yellow) or component (red, blue & green) cables?
Composite Component/Other
February 06, 2020
On your birthday, what comes first?
Presents Cake
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