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December 08, 2022
Can you restring a guitar?
Yes No
December 06, 2022
Where would you prefer to go on a journey?
To the pyramids To the Grand Canyon
December 03, 2022
Can you say the alphabet backwards quickly?
Yes No
December 01, 2022
Do you always have a pen or pencil with you?
Yes No
December 05, 2022
Do you like pickles in your burger?
Of course! Yuk!
December 03, 2022
Have you ever seen a double rainbow?
Yes No
December 01, 2022
Advertisements on TV are...
Fun Annoying
November 29, 2022
Can you ride a horse?
Yes No
November 26, 2022
Can you spin a basketball on one finger?
Sure can Not a chance
November 24, 2022
Can you cook without looking at a recipe?
Yes No
November 22, 2022
Do you know how a radio works?
Yes No
November 19, 2022
I wash my hands with...
Hot water Cold water
November 17, 2022
Do you know Morse code?
Yes No
November 15, 2022
Have you ever tried to beat a world record?
Yes No
November 16, 2022
Do you like your soft drinks...
With ice Without ice
November 12, 2022
Can you read upside-down?
Yes No
November 10, 2022
How do you feel about broccoli?
Yummy! Yuck...
November 08, 2022
Coloured pencils or markers?
Pencils Markers
November 05, 2022
Which would you rather receive?
E-mail Letter
November 01, 2022
Which do you hate the most? Tidying your room or washing the dishes?
Tidying my room Washing the dishes
November 03, 2022
When you buy something new, do you read the manual?
Always Never
November 01, 2022
Do you keep to-do lists?
Yes No
October 29, 2022
Do you prefer carpeted or wooden floors?
Carpeted Wooden
October 27, 2022
Would you rather the weather be too hot or too cold?
Too hot Too cold
October 25, 2022
Do any of your house lights have a dimmer?
Yes No
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