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June 16, 2020
Do you still have the original box that your Wii came with?
Yes No
June 13, 2020
Do you like to use your phone in your bed right before you sleep?
Yes No
June 11, 2020
How do you get your car cleaned?
Car Wash Do it manually
June 09, 2020
Do you like the sound of thunderstorms?
Yes No
June 16, 2020
Do you like roller coasters?
Yes, they're fun. No, they're scary.
June 06, 2020
Do you usually sleep well?
Yes No
June 04, 2020
Have you ever played a Metroid game?
Yes No
June 02, 2020
What's more important in a laptop?
How light it is How thin it is
May 31, 2020
What do you prefer for your game?
Casual 100% completing
June 01, 2020
What would you rather do for Nintendo?
Design a Game Design a System
May 28, 2020
Do you use a USB keyboard with your Wii?
Yes No
May 26, 2020
Have you ever had a leaking battery damage something?
Yes No
May 23, 2020
Which budget model is better?
New 2DS XL Switch Lite
May 21, 2020
Has the quarantine given you a lot of free time?
Yes No
May 19, 2020
Would you rather own a yacht or a private jet?
Yacht Jet
May 16, 2020
What do you think of unicorns?
They're cool Ew
May 16, 2020
Have you ever played Animal Crossing?
Yes No
May 14, 2020
What do you use to clean your screen?
Water Cleaning fluid
May 12, 2020
What would hurt more?
A bee's sting A wasp's sting
May 09, 2020
Is gaming a source of your exercise?
Yes No
May 07, 2020
Do you like political humor?
Totally! Not really...
May 05, 2020
Do you prefer first or third-person games?
First-person Third-person
May 01, 2020
Which would you rather do?
Learn Stay home
May 02, 2020
Which type of cake would you rather have on your birthday?
Regular cake Ice cream cake
April 30, 2020
A gift card is on the ground...
I take it I leave it
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