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November 30, 2023
Have you ever tried wasabi-flavoured crisps?
Yes No
November 28, 2023
Do you like to spend holidays with your family?
Yes No
November 25, 2023
Look at the closest window. Is it...
Open Shut
November 14, 2023
Do you like porridge?
Yes No
November 23, 2023
Do you answer these questions honestly?
Yes No
November 21, 2023
Do you thrive under pressure?
Yes No
November 18, 2023
How do you prefer to shop?
Go to town Shop online
November 16, 2023
Are you an only child or do you have siblings?
Only child Brothers or sisters
November 14, 2023
Do you dribble in your sleep?
Yes No
November 11, 2023
Which type of transportation do you prefer?
Cars Buses
November 01, 2023
Are you scared of the dark?
Yes No
November 09, 2023
It's sales time! You buy...
Everything What you need
November 07, 2023
Which kind of water do you prefer?
Still Sparkling
November 04, 2023
I would rather ride a...
Griffin Pegasus
November 02, 2023
I eat spaghetti with...
Fork Fork and spoon
October 31, 2023
Do you own a telescope?
Yes No
October 28, 2023
Where would you build your dream house?
On the hill In the valley
October 14, 2023
Do you sleep on a bunk bed?
Yes No
October 26, 2023
Look behind you. Which shoulder did you look over?
Left Right
October 24, 2023
When you cross your arms which is on top?
Left arm Right arm
October 21, 2023
Do you cut spaghetti?
Yes No
October 19, 2023
How much time do you spend trying to get to sleep?
It takes some time It's really easy for me
October 17, 2023
Do you believe in fate?
Yes No
October 14, 2023
Which hair style do you prefer?
Curls Straight hair
October 01, 2023
Is there any music playing at the moment?
Yes No
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