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September 15, 2020
Have you gained a new hobby because of the quarantine?
Yes No
September 12, 2020
What would you use to clean glasses?
Water Lens Cleaner
September 10, 2020
Do you own a pre-owned Wii?
Yes, I do No, I don't
September 08, 2020
What would you rather get from a fast food place?
Burger Chicken Nuggets
September 05, 2020
Have you ever played a fan-made game before?
Yes No
September 16, 2020
Can you speak in more than one language?
Yes No
September 03, 2020
Do you usually brush your teeth before or after having a shower?
Before After
September 01, 2020
Are you afraid of spiders?
Yes, they're scary! Nope!
August 29, 2020
Do you use the Wii to look at the news?
Yes No
August 27, 2020
Do you use your Wii often?
Yes No
August 25, 2020
Have you ever donated to a pet organization?
Yes No
August 22, 2020
There's a GameCube and a Nintendo 64 for free, what would you take?
GameCube Nintendo 64
September 01, 2020
Do you prefer to use 12-hour time or 24-hour time?
12-hour 24-hour
August 20, 2020
Was Wii Sports the first ever Wii game that you played?
Yes No
August 18, 2020
Do you still listen to the radio?
Yes No
August 15, 2020
Which is more handsome?
Bowties Regular Ties
August 16, 2020
Which game series do you like more?
Mario Zelda
August 13, 2020
Would you like to go to Antarctica?
Yes, sounds fun. No, too cold.
August 11, 2020
Have you ever broken a controller playing a really hard game?
Yes No
August 08, 2020
Have you ever stayed up all night?
Yes No
August 06, 2020
Which sweetener do you prefer?
Honey Sugar
August 04, 2020
Should the next Nintendo console be portable?
Yes No
August 01, 2020
Would you rather ride a boat or a plane?
Boat Plane
July 30, 2020
How do you prefer eating bread?
With hazelnut spread With butter
August 01, 2020
Your mom/dad appreciates this special day more...
Mother's Day Father's Day
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