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August 06, 2020
Which sweetener do you prefer?
Honey Sugar
August 04, 2020
Should the next Nintendo console be portable?
Yes No
August 01, 2020
Would you rather ride a boat or a plane?
Boat Plane
July 30, 2020
How do you prefer eating bread?
With hazelnut spread With butter
August 01, 2020
Your mom/dad appreciates this special day more...
Mother's Day Father's Day
July 28, 2020
Which controller for the Wii do you prefer?
Classic Controller Pro GameCube Controller
July 25, 2020
What pie would you rather have?
Apple Pie Chocolate Pie
July 23, 2020
Do you think some video games cause violence?
Yes No
August 01, 2020
Have you played Paper Mario before?
Yes No
July 21, 2020
Are you scared of bees?
Yes No
July 18, 2020
Does cherry pie have tart or actual cherries in it?
Tart Actual Cherries
July 16, 2020
Did your Wii come with a game?
Yes No
July 11, 2020
Do you think dogs like to swim?
Yes Not really
July 09, 2020
What type of gaming experience do you prefer.
Virtual Reality Eye-popping 3D
July 07, 2020
Have you themed your Wii Menu?
Yeah, it looks great! Nah, just white
July 04, 2020
How do you usually prefer to play old game consoles?
July 02, 2020
If Wuhu Island from Wii Sports Resort was real, would you go there?
Yes No
June 30, 2020
Which do you prefer at night, storms or rain?
Storm Rain
June 27, 2020
Would you rather go surfing or skiing?
Surfing Skiing
June 25, 2020
Is your favorite game of all time a Wii game?
Yes No
June 23, 2020
Do you like turtles?
Yes No
July 01, 2020
Which smells better?
Freshly cut grass Chocolate
June 20, 2020
Do you drink coffee...
As is. With Milk/Creamer
June 18, 2020
In online play, which do you think is worse?
Lag Toxic players
June 16, 2020
Do you still have the original box that your Wii came with?
Yes No
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